Within the PARC Customer Portal there is an option to 'Clone' or 'Copy' an application for submission to save time on re-entering certain details if they are the same.
Note: a 'Withdrawn' application cannot be cloned
To clone an application follow the steps below:-
Once you have determined which application you need to clone
Click on the 'down arrow' at the end of the application display view
Choose 'Clone Application'
A pop-up confirmation box will display
Click 'Continue'
A 'Green' banded message will appear in the applications view as shown below
This can take a few minutes....
To display your cloned application click on the 'Refresh' icon (top left of screen) 
Once the application has been cloned it will appear at the top of the 'Applications' view list in a status of 'Draft'
Open the application by clicking on the 'Application ID'
A 'Submission Checklist' will display under the 'Application Details' advising you what requires completion before this application can be submitted for processing
Note: Click on the 'Fix this' links in the checklist to take you to the areas that require your input.
Note: All fields and areas are editable in the application including the map even if they currently display with information
Once all mandatory (*) fields have been completed and / or edited and you are satisfied with all information you have provided
Click 'Submit Application' at the bottom of the 'Application Details' page to send application through for processing