If a permit requires an amendment for a particular reason:-

  • Change of Dates
  • Extension of Dates
  • Additional specific conditions for site

an amendment request can be applied for through the customer portal
Please ensure the following is reviewed before applying for an amendment


the permit that requires an amendment is still within the commencement and expiry date (current) if not, then a new application for a permit is required.

​​​​​​​The current permit is not expiring within 24 – 48hrs before submitting a request for an amendment. The amendment still requires processing time. Please submit an amendment request as soon as possible.

If an Amendment to a permit is required please see the following steps

Click 'Permits' tab


Find the permit requiring the amendment via the search function using any word or number contained within any column in the view and click the 'magnifying glass' icon to search



Once the permit requiring an amendment is listed

Click 'Permit Number' to open and view the details

Once permit is displayed

Scroll to bottom of page to find 'Amendments' section

Click 'Create Amendment'

Type in details for 'Amendment Description' and 'Amendment Reason'

These are mandatory fields marked with an (*)

'Primary Contact' field will default with user name
Note: If this needs to be changed to another contact on your account please use the 'X' to remove current name and 'magnifying glass' icon to search for relevant contact on your account

Click 'Save'

'Amendment Number' will be allocated


Please review each section including:-

  • Activities, Structures & Works
  • Documents

to ensure all details are correct, relevant and current
Click 'Submit Amendment Request'

The request will be forwarded to the relevant district for processing

Once the amendment request has been assessed and approved the amended permit will be visible in the customer portal 'Permits' tab in the default view of 'Current Permits'
Note: It will have the same number as the original permit with an added '-A1' (Amendment 1)

The user can have as many amendments to a permit as they require and each additional amendment will have the subsequent number to the last 'RCP2021-01479-A2' etc

The original permit will moved form the 'Current Permit' view into the 'Expired and Superseded Permits' view

Note: Click on down arrow next to 'Current Permits' to access other views