The system will determine which documents are needed based on the type of activity, structure or works that you have selected

NOTE: Only customers that have 'Account Admin' permission will be able to upload documents to an application if it is at 'ON-HOLD' stage

If you only have 'Account User' permissions you will not be able to upload documents to an application that is at 'ON-HOLD' stage

To add a new document to the activity, structure or works complete the following steps:


In the Document requirements section of the page the required documents for your application are listed on the left-hand side

Note: the asterisk (*) indicates which documents are mandatory

To upload a document


Click 'Add'

The create document window is displayed


The following table defines the fields that are contained in this section:

Once you have completed the fields click 'Submit'

The document will be uploaded and user will be returned to the list of document requirements

The document will be shown in the listing and a green tick will be shown against the document requirement indicating that that document requirement has been addressed

Note: Changes to the document details or removal of any document can be achieved by clicking on the down arrow next to the relevant document and choosing to 'Edit' or 'Remove' document

Continue to upload all documents until document requirements have been completed for the application

Note: If you are not able to complete this in one session you can save the application and come back at another time to upload the remaining documents.