The next step is to add the information that describes what you would like to do in the road corridor or on the State Controlled Road.

To add an 'Activity, Structure or Works' complete the following steps

Click on 'Add Activity, Structure or Works'

The Activity, Structure or Works page is displayed

Against each field is a question mark

If you click on the question mark the system will provide you more information on what is      required for each field

To hide the help text, click on the question mark again

You will need to select the type of activity, structure or works from a pre-defined list

Click on the magnifying glass next to the field

A window will pop-up which will allow you to find the type

You can scroll through the list by moving the bar on the right-hand side of the window

Note: Appendix A of this document provides the full list and the descriptions of each of the activities, structures or works

As the list is long it is easier to search for the one that you are looking for

Note: Search using keywords to find the one you are looking for e.g. drone, sign, beehive, electricity, water

You can also use wildcards to search on parts of words

  • If you are looking for an activity, structure or works starting with the word 'Beehive' then enter bee*
  • If the word is in the middle of the title then enter *bee*
  • If it ends with the word then enter *bee

Enter your search text and click on the magnifying glass

The system will refine the list based on your search criteria

Once you have found the correct type select the row click 'Select'



The system will return to the Activity, Structure or Works page and the type will now be filled in

If a mistake is made on the type of activity, structure or works?

Click on the cross  to clear the selection


Enter a description of the activity, structure or works

Note: Some activities, structures or works may have exemption criteria.
If these apply the system will display these criteria when you select the activity, structure or works
You can review these to determine if you are required to apply for written approval

An example is shown below:

Note: Depending on the type of activity, structure or works that you have selected you may be asked additional questions

The diagram below demonstrates the questions that are asked if 'Moving of Stock' is selected