You are able to complete and submit applications using the Customer Portal by completing the following steps:

  1. To create a new application
  2. Click '+Create'

  1. The Create Application page is displayed
  2. You can now start capturing the information for your application

The following table defines the fields that are contained in this section:


  1. Once you have completed the information click 'Save and Continue'
  2. The Application Details page is displayed
  3. The first few fields contain the information you have captured already (see diagram below)
  4. The system will save the application and allocate an 'application identifier' e.g 2020-01200
  5. It will also show that the status of the application is 'Draft'


  1. At the top of the page a Submission Checklist is shown. This will guide you about any missing information on your application as you complete the relevant sections. At this stage it is reminding you that at least one Activity, Structure or Works record is required for you application. Instructions on how to add these are provided in the next section.

  1. A map is displayed, and this will be populated as you complete the application.